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Are Online Florists Worth the Convenience?


 A florist is a person who makes, arranges and sells flowers to suit your needs, whatever they may be.  A florist is an artist and they arrange bouquets in a way that's both pleasing to the eye and suits the special occasion you need them for.  They use a composition of various flowers, grasses, herbs and foliage to achieve the desirable effect for any occasion.


 Thanks to the popularity of the internet there are a wide variety of online florists.  There are both advantages and disadvantages of using an online florist instead of going to your local store.  It's possible to save money using an online florist and that's money you could spend on other areas of the event. However, a Los Angeles florist will provide a more personalized service.  Internet florists might have an international networks that can provide a service that is reliable, faster, and easier than seeing a florist in person.  Local florists have their entire inventory at the store and you can see everything in person when you visit the store, plus you can see what looks good together in person.  Internet florists are all owned and operated independently so sites can only make a guess of available deigns and costs, plus you can't see everything in person.


Los Angeles flower delivery charge a processing fee and pass every order to a real florist that executes it and creates the bouquet.  The local florists that supplies and delivers the flowers only get a percentage of what is paid by the customer because the value gets decreased in each stage of processing.  If a customer pays 60 dollars for an order this includes the processing and the final value of the flowers might be around 45 dollars.  Call centers are starting to handle the actual ordering when it comes to online florists and they lack knowledge of flowers and their arrangements.  The information they have is based on pictures and short descriptions available on the internet.  If you call a real florist this will eliminate the misunderstandings and mistakes, plus you can discuss the details and requirements to your satisfaction which is always comforting.


 There has been a decline of florists in the recent years that own and operate traditional shops. This is due to the introduction of the internet and its rise in popularity.  Online flower services have begun the takeover of the traditional florist storefront. To learn more about florist, visit


It's the knowledge of these florists and the art of arranging a bouquet that we're going to miss most.  These florists can also assist with caring for and nurturing your flower arrangement which is something you can't find online.  They're also a great place to get ideas for upcoming events and occasions like weddings, funerals, and parties.